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Create your own private, branded investment community, open new revenue streams and get access to a range of tools to streamline business processes.

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Alpha Business Introducer Includes:

Branded Investment Community

Invite clients to your private and branded investment platform where they get an opportunity to invest in high quality funds.

Connect To Brokers

Connect your Alpha investment community to one or more brokers of your choice with whom your clients can open accounts.

Revenue Management

Keep track of your revenue easily in real-time and request payouts from your connected brokers.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage current and potential clients easily with Alpha's built-in CRM module.

Marketing Campaigns

Create and analyze marketing campaigns directly in Alpha to boost effectiveness and ROI.

Marketing Automation

Convert and engage your clients without using extra resources by automating your marketing.

Business Intelligence

Get to know your clients by accessing and utilizing Alpha's 100+ business intelligence reports and tools.

Social Module

Update your clients directly in Alpha and let them promote your business on other social networks.


Get an access to dozens of real-time reports about every aspect of your clients and business processes.

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Your own investment community with all features connected to one broker.


Your own investment community with all features, connected to an unlimited number of brokers.

Expand Your Market
Expand Your Market

Most ordinary people lack the skills to trade their own portfolio - as a business introducer within the Alpha community you can reach out to everyone by offering investments in high-quality funds.

Boost your Client Base
Boost your Client Base

Use your expertise knowledge of your clients and Alpha Business Introducer's toolbox to maximize client acquisition, conversion and engagement.

Stay in Control
Stay in Control

Instead of just passing your clients on, with Alpha Business Introducer they will interact with your brand every day and you choose which brokers are connected to your community.

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