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Make the difference

Do you offer your investors a powerful mobile application with enhanced, multi-asset investing capabilities and risk management per allocation, allowing them to conveniently start, stop and edit their investment amount on the go?

Now with Tradesocio’s technology, you can. Make the difference with a fully hosted and branded mobile app developed for an outstanding digital investor experience with our advanced Mirror Trader and SMA solutions.

To offer you a complete perspective on how you can enhance investor experience and improve your operations with the aid of Tradesocio mobile application, we have created a showcase environment - AvansFX - which fully illustrates our easy branding and customisation concept.


Gain the edge

Allowing easy branding and customisation, the Tradesocio mobile application gives financial institutions the edge they need to:

Serve a new investor vertical with the aid of our app designed for exceptional investment experience by allowing investors to access your services, wherever they are.

Gain exposure to an increasing number of investors among mobile users by joining a global ecosystem of financial institutions.

Create a digital client acquisition channel and generate new income streams through quick onboarding, KYC, account funding and withdrawal.

Offer trading on over 35,000 listed instruments trading on 32+ exchanges, with a managed accounts solution that is more cost-effective than traditional implementations.

Empower investors to make informed decisions by offering them data-driven actionable insights on their investments in real time.

Control the entire trading activity and monitor net asset value in real time with the aid of our built-in reporting tools.

Better manage and customise workflows and access privileges across your organisation.

Easily connect your LPs, PSPs and Strategy Providers or IBs via FIX API, MT4, MT5 or any other trading terminals.

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