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Separately Managed Accounts (SMA)

Marking a paradigm shift in financial technology development and the way financial institutions deploy technology to achieve their goals, Tradesocio delivers a complete set of technology solutions designed to assist financial services providers to streamline their operations and offer bespoke investment products.

Our SMA solution comes with multiple unique features which make it a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional MAM and PAMM implementations. Our infrastructure improves the operation of managed accounts, which translates to enhanced trading and allocation management with Tradesocio. 

Tradesocio - Tailored Investment Technology

Tradesocio - Tailored Investment Technology - Platform

Mirror Trader

Mirror trading is an increasingly popular trend in the Forex industry, and Tradesocio offers a premium solution for gaining first-hand, accurate information about, monitoring and mirroring expert trades in real time.

Mirror Trader benefits investment services providers by allowing them to expand their product range and tailor their offering to the needs of an increasing number of investors.

Digital Wealth Advisor (DWA)

Investment advisory services are on the rise as investors are looking for ways to maximise their returns. Tradesocio comes with a unique value proposition for investment advisors and managers, enabling them to cater to the needs of their investors from A to Z.

The Digital Wealth Advisor from Tradesocio comes with a built-in Alpha-seeking algorithm solution which allows investment services providers to offer personalised investment plans and attract more investors by supporting informed investment decisions.

ETF Station

The demand for a diversified investment offering is higher than ever before. ETFs have been in the market’s focus for decades and the interest in sophisticated investment products such as exchange-traded products or baskets of trade-weighted assets is on the rise.

Tradesocio’s ETF Station addresses investors’ demand for more diversified portfolios and provides financial services providers with a complete set of tools to expand and diversify their product offering as well as develop unique investment products tailored to the needs of their investors.

TS Trader

TS Trader is a multi-asset trading platform which can be easily adapted to the needs and goals of investment management companies, brokerage firms, asset management companies, family offices, and investment banks.

Fully hosted and branded, TS Trader comes with a set of features that allows financial organisations to streamline their operations, diversify their product offering and expand market share effortlessly while making sure their activities are fully compliant with latest regulation requirements.

Our Solutions

Customisable technology solutions for the financial sector


Investment Bank

Streamlined operations. Simplified compliance. Higher yield. One solution.

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Investment Manager

Build and trade 35,000+ instruments globally. Manage multi-asset portfolios.

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Investment Adviser

Tailor unique investment plans with a unique Alpha-seeking algorithm solution.

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Custom Solutions

Create bespoke financial instruments and gain exposure to new markets.

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Brokerage Houses

Build trust with a solution that helps you diversify your offering and increase CLV.

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Who we are

About Tradesocio

Headquartered in Singapore, Tradesocio is a global FinTech company. Starting our journey in 2015, our focus has been to improve the way investment management services are offered to investors.

Our innovative technology has helped an increasing number of financial industry leaders worldwide to improve their operations, cut costs and become more profitable.

With a volume of assets managed through its platform exceeding 1 billion, Tradesocio makes investment services less exclusive and appealing to a wider pool of investors, whatever their investing potential.
“We provide a secure and transparent environment for everyone to thrive: brokerage houses, investment banks, fund or asset managers, investment advisors, and investors. Our framework creates the perfect environment for sustained growth in a fully transparent way through real-time reporting and reliable risk management.”
Wael Salem, CEO
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