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The Ultimate Investment Solution

A balanced ecosystem that grants uparalled benefits to all its users, connecting Investors, Fund Raisers, Fund Managers, Clearing Brokers and Investment Banks.

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Who Wins with Alpha?


Invest your capital your way

With Alpha, the size of your capital doesn’t determine the level of service you receive. Whether you entrust your investments to an expert or manage it yourself. Control belongs to you. Alpha is the platform to achieve your investment goals.


Serve Your Most Valued Client

For the first time, you can do more than just target self-trade accounts. Using your own private, white label version of Alpha to match your company’s branding, you can offer clients access to a world class investment offering, created by global licensed fund managers.

Fund Managers

Your AUM deserves Alpha

When the next wave of clients looks for a new home, how sure are you that you’re even in the same neighborhood? Alpha ensures you don’t leave AUM on the table with unparalleled access to a capital rich ecosystem and information age tools that make account and compliance management, performance reporting and monitoring a breeze, so you can focus on what really matters. Generating returns.

Professional Traders

Showcase your Investment Strategies

Do the investment strategies you create always attract the attention they deserve? Alpha promotes your strategies to users across the platform and brings you closer to transforming your strategies into lucrative financial rewards.

Get Access To An Entirely New Market!

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Investors, Not Just Traders

Access to Retail Investors

Alpha opens an untapped retail market of clients (investors) for brokers, as well as gives access to this retail market to Fund Managers. Our technology works with all major asset classes. Currently brokers target experienced traders which is less than 5% of the addressable market of their potential clients. Alpha, makes it possible for brokers to target investors, not just traders, which is the remaining 95% of the global market.

A New Scope of Investment Tools

Investment Ecosystem

Alpha is the first Alternative Investment Platform available to investors of all levels. This platform provides an ease of use that your millenial and other Average Joe investors clients crave. Here they will be exposed to the same investment opportunities that until recently were only available to wealthy and institutional clients.

A Full ERP Solution

Brokers, finally you can ditch the back-end technologies you currently use in favor of Alpha’s full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, which allows each department to operate on one back-end solution, enabling front, middle and back office to integrate and work seamlessly without interruption.

Brokerage operations are consolidated. So, it’s easier than ever for brokers to manage their investors, enhance marketing efforts and leverage proprietary tools such as marketing automation to target investors.

Get Access To An Entirely New Market!

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