About Tradesocio

Leading Technology Provider for the Financial Industry

Tradesocio offers integrated and stand-alone solutions to financial institutions worldwide that help them improve their operations front-to-back and create a more streamlined customer journey.

Allowing easy branding and customisation, our solutions address the challenges that financial services providers face today, empowering them to deliver the promise of a unified, transparent and compliant trading and investment management environment that gives investors full control over their portfolios and boosts their trust in financial services.

With our technology suite, both financial organisations and investors benefit from a single view of their net asset value, equity and risk exposure in real time.

Tradesocio transforms the way investment and asset management services are provided.
“We provide a secure and transparent environment for everyone to thrive: brokerage houses, investment banks, fund or asset managers, investment advisors, and investors. Our framework creates the perfect conditions for sustained growth in a fully transparent way through real-time reporting and reliable risk management.”
Wael Salem, CEO

Our Mission

Our mission is to refine and redefine the way investments are offered, managed and accessed by providing top-of-the-line software solutions that help investment banks, wealth management companies, brokerage firms, fund managers and investors thrive in an ever-shifting economic environment.

Our Vision

At Tradesocio we believe in the accessibility, security, and transparency of investments. Dedicated to a holistic approach to investment management, we have developed an advanced technology solution which allows all the parties involved in the investment process to achieve their goals and minimise risk.

Our Story

Our Story