Integrated Technology Suite for Securities and Forex Brokers

Take your brokerage to the next level

Our fintech suite for securities and Forex brokers allows you to:

Give investors the choice

Give your investors the ability to create diversified, multi-asset portfolios by following trading strategies managed and developed by professional traders within your network.

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Revenue Manager

  • Benefit from real-time multi-currency revenue reporting.
  • Improve cash flows by sharing revenue with Fund Managers and Fundraisers.
  • Mark up spreads, commission and fund fees, benefit from automatic revenue calculation and distribution.

Social Manager

Keep your investors up to date with the latest news, developments and corporate highlights.

  • Allow your network members to update their feed (i.e. support automated strategy posting for Strategy and Fund Managers), follow each other’s updates, and share their trading expertise through push notifications.

Commission Manager

Set up fee structures for your trading experts.

Marketing Manager

Create outstanding marketing campaigns and easily monitor KPIs.


  • Gain access to a complete set of APIs to integrate with your existing architecture. This allows you to develop algorithmic trading strategies to directly trade on Funds or Investor accounts.
  • Registration API: allows easy integration of your client area with our technology.
  • Reporting API: extracts information related to user account and trading.

Improved back-office operations

Our core back-office solutions offer extensive interfacing capabilities which enable real-time monitoring and management of liquidity and risk across multiple channels and systems.

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Liquidity Manager

Plug into liquidity. Gain insights on liquidity positions on the go and boost decision making.

Risk Manager

Our risk management solution offers you a complete picture of your asset liability management, market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, interest-rate risk and funds transfer pricing.

Build your own

We allow you to build your own investment management solutions by adding as many modules to the existing architecture as it suits your business needs.

TS Trader

Offer traders the chance to trade 35,000+ instruments (i.e.: FX, CFDs, ETFs, stocks and more) on an intuitive and secure platform connected to  32+ exchanges.


Start offering personalised investment plans that help your investors meet their goals today, tomorrow and beyond.


Allow your traders to seamlessly access multiple uniquely designed financial instruments and funds traded globally.

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Gain data-driven insights that allow you to develop bespoke financial instruments and custom-made investment plans.

Branded Mobile Applications

Give traders the choice to conveniently access your services from anywhere, on their mobile.

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