Digital Wealth Advisor

Accessible digital wealth management with dedicated iOS and Android mobile applications

Personalised investment plans built relying on AI algorithms and automated investor allocations based on individual risk profiles

Complete investment spectrum including all the different scenarios that match the risk profile built by the investor

Full portfolio control with the ability to rebalance weights across multiple assets

Real-time equity protection with every allocation

Connection to your entire infrastructure through Trading API, FIX, MT4, MT5 and other terminals

How it works

Use a complete set of trading, registration and reporting APIs to integrate your existing architecture.

Collect and compile data regarding investors’ goals and their investing potential easier than ever before.

Use our unique set of algorithms to generate personalised investment plans and investor-specific risk models.

Deliver personalised strategies, investment products and asset baskets that will allow your investors to achieve their goals quicker.

Investors can start investing immediately after revealing their trading experience, risk appetite and investing potential.

A streamlined investor journey

Client onboarding has never been easier

Let investors monitor portfolio performance in real time.

Allow investors the freedom of choice among multiple funding options

Create a unique digital investor experience

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A few reasons why Tradesocio is your fintech provider of choice:

  • Join a robust ecosystem of financial industry leaders
  • Competitive pricing on deployment and customisation
  • Professional support from integration to implementation
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