ETF Station

Unique capability to develop bespoke financial instruments and multi-asset baskets built around ETFs and AMCs

Instant subscription and redemption backed by advanced execution models

Hosting and management of multi-base currency accounts

Multi-market entry capability and multi-asset liquidity

Fully hosted, branded and secure SaaS solution

Real-time Net Asset Value calculation and reporting

How it works

Connect Tradesocio’s ETF Station to your existing infrastructure via FIX, API, MT4, MT5 or any other terminal.

Gather investor data and accelerate your compliance processes using our built-in reporting module.

Use our AI module to create bespoke investment products and allow investors to subscribe to and redeem them instantly.

Distribute investments effectively to investor accounts, according to investor-specific risk parameters.

Customise prices per instrument or asset basket and generate new revenue streams.

Gain the edge

The interest in ETFs is on the rise. Tradesocio’s ETF Station gives you the edge you need to meet even the most demanding investor needs and offer them a multitude of investment options.

Bespoke multi-asset baskets and portfolios built around Active and Passive Funds

Advanced equity protection and indicators to measure portfolio performance in real time

Customisable leverage, pricing and risk per instrument or asset basket

Superior investment distribution across investor portfolios

Partner with us

A few reasons why Tradesocio is your fintech provider of choice:

  • Join a robust ecosystem of financial industry leaders
  • Competitive pricing on deployment and customisation
  • Professional support from integration to implementation
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