Tradesocio Spearheads the Evolution of Investment Management Technology

Harness Next-Generation Technology

Tradesocio offers technology-enhanced, customisable solutions for investment managers which give them full control over their holdings and allow them to explore new investment opportunities in real time.

Place Investors First

Expand your product offering keeping investors in mind, always. Our dedicated solutions for investment managers allow you to explore new ways to manage funds and tap into digital wealth management.

Streamline Your Operations

Our advanced technology suite for improved investment management helps you streamline your operations, improve workflow management and offer better investor experience.

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Enjoy smarter, easier data management and sharing at all levels across your organisation.

Revenue Manager

Monitor your revenue in real time. Cash flow management has never been easier.

Performance Manager

Be transparent with your investors by allowing them to see how well your strategy or fund performs in real time.


To make integration easier, we have eliminated all development complexities and made our solution extremely easy to connect with all your terminals.

Reporting Manager

Gain actionable insights about all allocations in real time and monitor investor behaviour to identify potential areas of improvement.

Marketing Manager

Easily monitor past campaigns and build new ones based on actionable data insights which allow you to establish ways to increase customer lifetime value.

Workflow Manager

Monitor and manage workflows in real time, with ease from one account. We bring big data analysis at your fingertips.

Smarter back office

Smart back-office solutions for integrated investment management services. With unique interfacing capabilities, the Tradesocio-powered back-office technology suite allows you to monitor and manage liquidity and risk in real time.

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Liquidity Manager

Monitor all your liquidity positions in real time and accelerate the decision-making process at all levels.

Risk Manager

Gain actionable insights about your risk exposure at all levels: asset liability management,  liquidity risk, market risk, interest-rate risk, funds transfer pricing and more.

Build your own

We allow you to build your own investment management solutions by adding as many modules to the existing architecture as it suits your business needs.

ETF Station

Develop and launch bespoke ETFs that meet your investors’ goals on a long, mid and short-term basis.

Mirror Trader

Gain exposure to wider pool of investors and allow them to mirror your successful strategies.


Offer investors seamless access to uniquely designed financial instruments and funds trading across 32+ global exchanges.

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Garner in-depth insights that allow you to develop bespoke financial instruments and personalised investment plans.

Branded Mobile Applications

Make your services conveniently accessible from anywhere, on mobile devices.

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