Tradesocio Marketplace An ecosystem designed for business success

What is Tradesocio Marketplace?

A technology hub of choice for financial stakeholders.

Data Feeds

Developed as a repository of investment products, liquidity connectors, trading platforms and supporting technology solutions, Tradesocio Marketplace is a technology hub of choice for financial stakeholders.

Join the Marketplace and run your business more efficiently

All-in-one store

A fine-tuned technology gateway connecting all the key market players to create a transparent and client-focused environment that boosts credibility in financial services.

Exponential growth

Advanced technology solutions ensure exponential growth by providing a secure and complete infrastructure that enables financial institutions to improve customer lifetime value.

Dynamic ecosystem

Plug and play to manage your business effectively. Choose your solution and the integration is easily done.

Innovative toolkit

An innovative collection of machine learning models, data analytics, user applications and everything in-between can be developed with the aid of TS Lab Sandbox.

Share your services within the Ecosystem

Expand your market reach by sharing your services with a growing number of stakeholders in your industry that make up Tradesocio Marketplace.