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Multi-tiered aggregation for enhanced digital investor experience

Best bid. Multi-tiered aggregation. One destination

Tradesocio Marketplace offers an extensive range of multi-tiered, best bid aggregation, which gives financial services providers the ability to provide better spreads and advanced execution models.

Institutional investors can select from the numerous aggregation providers supported by Tradesocio Marketplace and create the liquidity structure that suits their goals. Additionally, to ensure best investor experience with a great variety of offerings, in different scenarios, whatever the market conditions, financial institutions have the ability to set up and customise a multitude of markup profiles.

Our Aggregation Partners

  • Fast and flexible multi-asset liquidity management platform
  • Access over 70 liquidity providers
  • Easily monitor the liquidity provider’s pricing and expanding to see market depth
  • Save time with an easier and more efficient configuration
  • Automatic failing-over and manual failing-back
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  • Ultra-low latency and best bid
  • Multi-asset trading and multi-market entry
  • Advanced connectivity management
  • Superior order routing for all order types
  • Enhanced book management
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  • Ultra-low-latency trading environment
  • Centralised risk control in a variety of scenarios
  • Price stability to better manage margin trading
  • Flexible connectivity and direct market access
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PrimeXM XCore
  • Multi-tiered, best bid aggregation pricing
  • Superior market depth across liquidity providers
  • Protection against off-market price actions
  • Sweep account support for best VWAP
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