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Efficient workflows. Enhanced productivity

Robust CRM solutions are the key to better performance

Managing internal workflows alongside customer relationship management is crucial for sustained growth and expansion in any business, especially in the financial services sector.

Robust CRM solutions are needed in order to provide efficiency, optimisation, and fully manageable workflows that boost productivity across all departments of your organisation and help you achieve the required growth rates notwithstanding time limitations.

Supporting a two-path communication flow via API, Tradesocio solutions with built-in CRM systems are designed to help financial institutions to create better internal workflows and optimise investor experience at all levels, from onboarding to investment and fund withdrawal.

Our CRM Partners

FX Back Office
  • Superior client profile management system
  • Quick and easy lead conversion and client acquisition
  • Comprehensive reporting end-to-end on all activities
  • Custom upgrades in line with the latest regulatory requirements
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Dynamic Works
  • Monitor your client acquisition and conversion in real time
  • Accurately measure client experience and engagement
  • Create an ever-growing client acquisition channel
  • Gain data-driven insights on your client/partner profiles and more
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