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Information is power. Gain seamless access to key market data and use it strategically

Seamless access to market data

Direct access to market data in real time is vital to the operations of financial institutions. Aiming to support financial institutions every step of the way, we have created a dedicated environment, which allows organisations operating in all financial market segments to access the data they need to run their strategic operations in real time.

Partnering with renowned market data providers worldwide, Tradesocio developed the Marketplace as a single destination for insightful, actionable data on the key market movers.

To make integration easy, Tradesocio applied the “Plug-and-play” concept, allowing financial institutions to  use a dedicated API connection to add any data provider to their business logic in a few convenient steps.

Our Market Data Providers

Chicago Board of Exchange (CBOE)
  • Up-to-the-minute news on EU, UK and US markets
  • Pricing data and analysis on equities and ETFs
  • Daily commentary and financial market status reports
  • Fundamental and technical analysis on equities and ETFs
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Thomson Reuters
  • Real-time updates on market price actions
  • Expert opinions and up-to-the-minute news
  • Daily financial market status reports and analysis
  • Technical and fundamental analysis on all asset classes
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