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Multiple payment solutions. One destination

A single service station for global payments

Investment services providers need payment solutions in order to manage cash inflows and payouts. Tradesocio Marketplace provides a broad spectrum of choice among the payment solution providers making up our ecosystem.

Building the payments infrastructure for your investment management platform can be problematic. Tradesocio Marketplace removes the complexity associated with the integration of a payment solution that meets your demands, by providing a complete and flexible set of APIs which allow you to easily add one or more payment solutions to your business logic and manage international transactions effectively.

Developed as an API service station, Tradesocio Marketplace empowers you to design an outstanding experience for your platform. Given the ability to easily customise onboarding, set payout timing, handle high transaction volumes, and integrate advanced financial reporting, you can better manage cash flows, without the need to filter out your banking activities in each market.

Our Payment Solution Providers

  • Ultra-secure payment processing solution
  • Easy way to handle payments worldwide
  • A variety of alternative payment methods
  • Versatile protection against data theft
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  • API integration of multiple payment methods
  • Secure back-up system for declined transactions
  • 3D security system keeping client data fraud-free
  • Automated onboarding and quick underwriting
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  • Send and receive funds with confidence
  • Make payments in digital currency
  • Advanced security of sensitive data
  • No more extensive settlement time frames
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  • Handle payment safely, wherever you are
  • Quick and easy onboarding process
  • Use a variety of means to send and receive funds
  • Low-cost, online payment option
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