Mirror Trader

Investing just got easier

Allow your investors to unlock the benefits of smart trading by following the lead of professional traders and automatically replicating in their accounts any successful live trades available on one platform only: Mirror Trader.

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Next-generation mirror trading

Mirror Trader paves the way for next-generation mirror trading by offering a more streamlined investor journey and ensuring a cost-effective digital client acquisition channel as well as higher customer lifetime value.

 How it works

Professional traders from all around the globe make up the Tradesocio Mirror Fund community. They share their strategies with the investors in the community through our Mirror trading system, which automatically copies all the orders, signals and strategies originating from professional traders and mirrors them into the investors’ accounts. Mirroring is instantaneous and fully automated.

Mirror Trader helps investors make informed investment decisions by providing them with detailed, real-time strategy fact sheets which offer a complete overview of the performance of their selected strategies.

Why Mirror Trader?

Start offering Mirror Trader if you’re looking to diversify your product offering and access a new, untapped market. Offer best investor experience with a customisable solution.

Gain the edge

  • Leverage, spread and risk management

  • Automated fee calculation in real time

  • Integrated middle and back-office solutions

  • Product diversification through addition from Mirror Trader

  • Simplified investments, improved decision making