Mirror Trader

Web and mobile, multilingual SaaS solution

Leverage and spread customisation per strategy

Multi-asset portfolio management capabilities

Multiple investment opportunities from a single account

Real-time equity protection with every allocation

Branding and White Labelling flexibility

Full control over the entire trading activity through the Control Panel

Community and News Feeds to keep your investors engaged

How it works

Connect your LPs, PSPs, Client Area and Strategy Providers, using our dedicated trading, registration and reporting APIs.

Collect, compile and analyse investor data easier than ever before, with our Reporting Module.

Customise access protocol across your organisation and easily deliver the right data to each department to boost effectiveness and accelerate decision-making.

Use our automatic fee calculation engine and gain a single view of all charges and mark-up fees as appropriate.

Enable investors to mirror professional, multi-asset strategies instantaneously. Allow them to start, stop and edit allocation at their own convenience.

Outstanding digital investor experience

Tradesocio’s mirror trading solution brings investment opportunities closer to every investor, while empowering financial institutions to tailor an outstanding digital investor experience through:

Quick and easy onboarding

Diversified investment portfolios

Single account, multiple investing possibilities

Multiple funding options

Share your investors’ experience

To offer you a complete image of how our branding and customisation concept works, and at the same time give you the chance to see investment opportunities from the perspective of your investors, we have created a demo environment - AvansFX - which walks you through the whole investment process, from onboarding to deposit, investing and withdrawal across web and mobile platforms.

Partner with us

A few reasons why Tradesocio is your fintech provider of choice:

  • Join a robust ecosystem of financial industry leaders
  • Competitive pricing on deployment and customisation
  • Professional support from integration to implementation
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