CBOE Global Markets

CBOE Global Markets is a leading data feed provider covering different financial markets around the globe. CBOE provides feed for multiple asset classes, such as FX, Equities, Options, and Futures.

The stock market listed institution, CBOE, was founded in 1973, and is now one of the leading data providers and an exchange, boasting extraordinary execution volumes that reached 47 Billion USD, on average, traded on Cboe’s US Equities exchange on a daily basis, and more than 8.5 Billion Euros, on average, traded on Cboe’s European Equities exchange on a daily basis.

Cboe US is currently operating the following equity exchanges in the US:

  • BZX Exchange
  • BYX Exchange
  • EDGA Exchange
  • EDGX Exchange

CBOE integration

  • US and European equity trading
  • Cutting-edge connection to global markets
  • Data, analytics and market insights on the go
  • Wide range of products and instruments

About CBOE

Cboe Europe operates Cboe Europe Equities the largest stock exchange in Europe by value traded and offers trading on more than 6,000 securities across 18 European markets, over one platform and under one rule book.

Cboe offers a secure web API that allows client applications to view and update data using the HTTPS protocol over the Internet. For example, the client can use the CustomerWebPortal to implement risk management at their organisational level. The API exposes the same functionality in a programmatic way, allowing clients to write programs to automate these tasks.

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