FXCubic is a leading financial technology provider specialised in the development of intelligent, low latency software for liquidity bridging, connectivity management, price aggregation, synthetic instruments creation, and risk management automation.

Built by industry experts based on the specific needs of brokerage firms and for their success, FXCubic’s innovative solutions come with enhanced multi-asset trading capabilities.

The flexibility of the FXCubic routing and pricing engine allows brokers to offer a bespoke trading environment, automate configuration changes and react swiftly to market volatility.

Holding a prominent place among the Liquidity Providers forming Tradesocio’s Marketplace, FXCubic expands the spectrum of choice among the liquidity and bridge providers that Tradesocio supports connectivity with, presenting financial institutions with a wealth of options in terms of seamless access to multi-asset liquidity.

FXCubic integration

  • Superior liquidity bridging, price aggregation and risk management automation
  • Low latency software with a unique capability to create bespoke financial instruments
  • Enhanced connectivity management for multi-market entry
  • Support for customised, multi-asset and multi-base currency accounts
  • Advanced routing and book management

About FXCubic

FXCubic is a London-based financial technology provider, offering innovative software that helps brokerage firms create a unique trading environment and provide better service to their clients through process automation, best bid and fast execution, possible with the aid of FXCubic’s liquidity and pricing engine.

Additionally, the technology suite developed by FXCubic comes with advanced multi-asset and multi-market entry capabilities that empower financial organisations to easily diversify and expand their offering.

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