oneZero is a financial technology provider based in the United States which takes pride in providing high-end solutions to retail brokerage firms that give them an edge in the global foreign exchange, commodity, cryptocurrency and futures markets.

Providing a wide selection of solutions for the investment management sector, oneZero has created a well structured and complex yet flexible and scalable ecosystem, which allows financial institutions to access the liquidity, asset classes and powerful trading applications that they need to grow their outreach, offer an unparalleled investor experience and increase customer lifetime value.

Joining Tradesocio Marketplace, oneZero makes its state-of-the-art proprietary Liquidity Hub solution available to a growing network of prime brokerage houses, asset management companies and family offices making up Tradesocio’s ecosystem.

oneZero integration

  • Deep FX liquidity connection and customised liquidity distribution
  • Multi-asset class liquidity from Tier-2 providers
  • Centralised risk management across a range of trading platforms
  • Reliable performance and connectivity for any type of broker
  • DMA solutions for confident offer expansion and portfolio diversification

About oneZero

In the fintech space for 10 years, oneZero takes pride in empowering retail brokerage firms with the technology they need to leave their footprint in the financial markets.

Trusted by over 100 top tier liquidity providers worldwide making up its ecosystem, oneZero has built a robust infrastructure that is known in the FX trading world for its ultra-low-latency trading features, deep liquidity, advanced security, functionality and scalability, which matches the business model and size of the majority of brokerage companies.

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