PVP Markets

PVP Markets is a well-established brokerage firm incorporated in St. Vincent and Grenadines, which takes pride in offering investment services to retail investors of all levels of expertise alongside custodian and safekeeping.

The vast offering of financial services that PVP is reputed for includes copy and mirror trading through Tradesocio’s mirror trading platform, forex and CFD trading, hedge fund investments and more.

Deemed a broker which supports every trader to become a professional investor, PVP has created an investment hub ruled by post-trade transparency. Joining efforts with Tradesocio, PVP offers a platform which streamlines the operations of regulated Fund Managers, by handling onboarding, compliance, safekeeping and order execution processes.

PVP integration

  • Fast execution, proximity to your LPs, no slippage
  • Ethical and transparent trading environment
  • Connection to Tier-1 bank liquidity
  • Advanced technology for separately managed accounts in top-tier banks
  • Tight spreads, no hidden commissions
  • Multi-asset trading: FX, commodities, metals, indices, CFDs

About PVP Markets

Reputed for its high-standard brokerage services, PVP Markets offers enhanced funds security and a trading environment which complies with the latest ESMA and CySEC regulations.

Taking pride in providing reliable, safe and ethical investment services to its clients, PVP Markets has made it its mission to offer the ultimate trading experience for investors and traders of all levels of experience. With a deep understanding of the traders’ demands, PVP services are recognised for competitive pricing, fast execution, enhanced transparency, and a wide variety of financial instruments and products to choose from.

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