Thomson Reuters Corporation

Thomson Reuters is one of the world’s leading news outlets for every sector that drives society forward, from law to tax, compliance, government and more. By blending the latest information with innovation and trusted, authoritative insight, Reuters keeps professionals updated with the global developments in their fields.

Reuters is also enjoying a global reputation for its proprietary trading and FXall liquidity hub known as “Refinitiv”. Refinitiv is an advanced solution which provides seamless access to deep FX liquidity, high-speed connectivity to all liquidity sources existing in a brokerage’s ecosystem, advanced aggregation with continuous price stream, anonymous ECN liquidity, and much more.

Tradesocio’s Reuters integration empowers financial organisations and investors by delivering up-to-the-minute news, expert opinions and reports on the status of the financial markets, thus allowing them to make informed decisions on the go. Additionally, the advanced liquidity connection and distribution that the Reuters module provides alongside news alerts, make it a must-have for any financial services provider seeking to gain a competitive advantage.

Reuters integration

  • Access to deep FX liquidity from 160+ providers and 1,700+ institutions
  • Superior liquidity venue, with order book, price stream, aggregator, and multiple order routing management features
  • RFQs and TWAP for automated gradual execution and market impact management
  • Effective FX price distribution and risk management tools used by 180+ banks in 57 countries
  • Access to a global professional trading community of over 4,000 institutions and 14,000 users

About Thomson Reuters Corporation

Priding to be “the answer company”, Thomson Reuters Corporation remains the world’s leading mass media and news distribution agency. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the media outlet was established in 2008 and has continued and refined the direction of its predecessor company, Reuters Group, founded in 1851.

Combining expertise with valuable and authoritative insight, Thomson Reuters continues to deliver impact information in all areas of business.

Dedicated to providing the ultimate destination for expert opinions, “market watch” and trading, Thomson Reuters is actively involved in the development of cutting-edge technology solutions that drive the FX market forward.

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