Developed as a unified payment gateway that redefines online payments by offering a plethora of payment solutions, Zotapay is the first all-inclusive payment provider which meets the diverse demands of today’s ever-shifting marketplace.

Zotapay gives shoppers the freedom of choice among the widest spectrum of global and local payment solutions available in the market, with the additional benefit of PCI-hosted transactions and multi-base currency support. Creating a single, centralised path for all your payment needs, Zotapay removes the hassle associated with the involvement of multiple payment processors in a single transaction.

Zotapay serves different segments in the financial services market, such as cryptocurrencies. As the cryptocurrency markets have seen unprecedented growth over the past few years, digital assets fell into a grey area of regulatory compliance. Boasting a vast banking network, the payment platform can support different types of licenses from most of the world’s jurisdictions, with unique capabilities, such as multi-currency settlements, cost-effective exchange rates and financial reporting tailored to meet all the regulatory requirements in force across different jurisdictions worldwide.

Zotapay integration

  • Traffic management
    A comprehensive payment funnel to boost revenue and user experience.
  • 3D Secure
    Advanced authentication protocol to keep your and your clients’ data protected.
  • Anti-fraud feature
    Employ a solution that helps you minimise the risk of chargebacks and fraud.
  • Comprehensive compliance
    Automated onboarding process and fast underwriting.
  • Premium banking ecosystem
    Choose from the broadest range of acquiring banks and top financial institutions.
  • PCI Level I Environment
    PCI DSS Secure hosted servers
  • Multi-jurisdiction support
    Do business with confidence in both onshore and offshore jurisdictions.
  • Bespoke localised methods
    Enjoy broad coverage of alternative payment methods and e-Wallets, wherever you are.
  • Increased efficiency, lower costs
    Boost efficiency and reduce operational costs.

About Zotapay

Zotapay offers a versatile payment solution to merchants cross-industry. Benefiting from the expertise of a team of professionals in the payment industry, Zotapay brings the flexibility of traditional payment methods to the online environment.

Implementing the highest PCI Level I standards and regulatory compliance, Zotapay provides a secure environment for online transactions on a global scale, with coverage in most of the jurisdictions around the world.

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