Separately Managed Accounts (SMA)

Benefit from a secure web and mobile multilingual SaaS solution.

Gain a distinct advantage through flexible branding and White Labeling.

Offer, manage and monitor multi-asset portfolios in real time.

Allow investors to handle multiple allocations from a single account.

Enable investors to set up equity protection with every allocation, in real time.

Connect your entire ecosystem via Trading API, FIX, MT4, MT5 and other terminals.

How it works

No development required. We seamlessly integrate your existing infrastructure.

Handle deposits and withdrawals through the platform by connecting prefered PSPs and other payment methods.

Use our built-in KYC module to simplify your due diligence processes.

Benefit from transparent fee calculation for better cash flow management.

Automate your accounting and regulatory compliance processes with our built-in trade reporting and NAV calculation module.

Investment management made easy

Tailor your offering to fit any client-specific requirements, including approval engine, strategy-focused spread feed adjustment, and payment automation.

Give investors the freedom to choose from a wide range of high-quality funds, by offering them a single view of your investment ecosystem.

Allow investors to allocate and stop allocation at their own convenience, by giving them access to a flexible set of tools that give them full control of their portfolios.

Keep track of the total volume generated with our real-time reporting API solution which easily integrates with your current middle and back-office applications.

Expand your product range to include all the asset classes traded on the world's leading exchanges with a fully GDPR compliant solution.

Share your investors’ experience

To offer you a complete image of how our branding and customisation concept works, and at the same time give you the chance to see investment opportunities from the perspective of your investors, we have created a demo environment - AvansFX - which walks you through the whole investment process, from onboarding to deposit, investing and withdrawal across web and mobile platforms.

Partner with us

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  • Join a robust ecosystem of financial industry leaders
  • Competitive pricing on deployment and customisation
  • Professional support from integration to implementation
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